16″ 40cm Sterling Silver Trace Chain


16″ 40cm Sterling Silver Trace Chain

Weight; 1.65gm.  Ref No 2900



16″ 40cm Sterling Silver Trace Chain (light)

This 16″40cm sterling silver trace chain is one of our lighter chains and is ideal for any our smaller Sterling Silver pendants. All our Sterling Silver Chains are manufactured to the highest standard and are made with strong, secure and reliable clasps. We generally stock a whole range of different lengths and weights. For larger, heavier pendants please see our selection of Sterling Silver Snake Chains.

Sterling Silver care. Here are a few tips to prevent tarnishing, and keep your Sterling Silver chains and pendants sparkling. Avoid leaving your jewellery in strong sunlight, when not being worn, its best kept in a jewellery box. Ideally its best stored in dry environment without excess humidity, bathrooms are not ideal. Certain household cleaners and perfumes contain chemicals that can accelerate tarnishing. Additionally chlorine in swimming pools is another chemical that can lead to tarnishing. Therefore its best to remove silver jewellery before visiting the pool. Clean your jewellery with soapy water and a ‘Silver Cloth’ or alternatively ‘Silver Dip’ on harder gemstone pendants. Avoid using Silver Dip on some of the softer semi-precious stones like Amber, Malachite and Turquoise as it can damage the lustre.

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