Barytocelestine (baryte celestobaryte)


Barytocelestine (baryte celestobaryte)

Size, 6.9cm x 5cm x 2.5cm Weight, 297gm

Ref No, 2063



Barytocelestine (baryte celestobaryte) (Sr,Ba) SO4 From Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire, weight 297gm

Barytocelestine (baryte celestobaryte) is one of the the more unusual and attractive minerals found in Southern England. It is a large polished specimen weighing 297gm and 6.9cm high, it is incredibly dense/heavy for its size. This specimen has come from the iconic Hampstead Farm quarry (now called the ‘Chipping Sodbury Quarry’). This is a large working quarry on the outskirts of Chipping Sodbury, close to the Mendip Hills. This colourful mineral is very popular with mineral collectors, and it is also ideal cabochons for making jewellery. Closely related minerals in the baryte group include celestine, anglesite and anhydrite. Baryte is frequently a white or colourless mineral and is the principle source of barium. In this area of Gloucestershire however it occurs in banded fibrous masses in a stunning salmon pink colours. The mineral occurs in narrow bands in fissures within the local carboniferous limestone.

Barytocelestine is an intermediate mineral between the two end members of Baryte (barium sulphate) (BaSO4) and Celestine (strontium sulphate) (SrSO4). Barium and Strontium atoms share a similar size and charge and so readily substitute each other. This in turn creates what is called a ‘solid solution series’. This fascinating specimen comes in an attractive box complete with information together with a display stand.

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