Carnelian & Garnet Silver Pendant


Carnelian & Garnet Pendant set in Sterling Silver

Size 4cm including clasp x 2cm wide

Weight; 8.28gm.       Ref No 2592



Carnelian & Garnet Silver Pendant, Garnet the January Birthstone

This Carnelian & Garnet Silver Pendant has an exotic feel about it. The calming orange, brown of the Carnelian combined with the deep red Garnet. The hand crafted setting is all Sterling Silver, with a 925 hallmark on the clasp. This is a stunning and unusual ethnic Indian design.

Carnelian is a gorgeous translucent orange, semi-precious stone. The soothing nature of this autumnal pastel shade is quite superb. Being one of the slightly more unusual semi-precious stones, Carnelian is sometimes easy to overlook. It is a silica mineral, and is also form of chalcedony. The ‘rusty’ orange colouring is due to the presence of iron oxide during the minerals formation. The Garnets are from India, a country that is well known for producing stones with the most intense colours.

Metaphysically, a stone that can attract prosperity and good luck. This is a stabilising stone, excellent for restoring vitality and also motivation. Carnelian is a stone that can stimulate creativity, and sharpen concentration. It is a stone that can calm anger, dispel mental lethargy, and then replace them with love and and also deep fulfilment. Garnets are the fiery, stone of passion, a stone that can inspire love and devotion. Garnets also have powerful protective qualities, especially for those travelling far from home.

We supply this Carnelian & Garnet silver pendant Pearl in an attractive gift box, the one shown in the photograph is the pendant we send you. See also our separate list of Sterling Silver Chains, available in various lengths, and weights.

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