Faceted Green Onyx Pendant


Faceted Green Onyx Pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver

Size, 3.7cm x 2.1cm.

Weight 8.06gm.   Ref No, 2630



Faceted Green Onyx Pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver

This is a lovely hand-made Faceted Green Onyx Pendant. Made in a contemporary design, hand-crafted in a solid 925 Sterling Silver setting. Green Onyx is a very hard stone, with rich, translucent ‘forest green’ colours. It is a form of chalcedony, a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. The actual word ‘onyx’ derives from the Greek word ‘onux‘. With numerous biblical references, onyx was a favourite gemstones of the ancient Egyptians and Romans. This is a gemstone that occurs in various countries, including India, Australia, Madagascar and also Brazil.

Metaphysically, this is a special soothing and calming gemstone. Green Onyx is a supportive stone, one that brings strength along with self confidence. Healers use this stone to promote physical stamina and overall well-being. It is a stone that can enhance intuition, and also help communication. A stone with historical connections to Venus and also the Greek God Eros. This is a stone that can help to strengthen and bond a relationship.

We supply this Green Onyx pendant in an attractive gift box. The one shown in the photograph is the one we send  you.  See our separate list of Sterling Silver Chains, available in various lengths, and weights.

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