Mottled Green Jade Bangle


Mottled Green Jade Bangle (6.8cm inside measurement)

Size 8.5cm wide (inside diameter measurement 6.8cm) x 1.9cm wide

Weight, 105gm.      No. 2715



Mottled Green Jade Bangle (6.8cm inside measurement)

This Mottled Green Jade bangle, has a lovely array of pale milky green colours together with a beautiful hazy grey colouring. This is one of our heavier bangles, a real statement piece, and the inside measurement is 6.8cm. Jade is one of the worlds most iconic gemstones, this Jade comes from Myanmar (Burma) a country that produces some of the worlds best quality stone.  Jade is a powerful healing stone and is often referred to as a stone associated with wealth and longevity. Please note, as the inside measurement is 6.8cm and does not open, it therefore has to slip onto the wrist. TipIf a plastic bag is first placed over the wrist and then lubricated with hand cream or soap, jade bangles can be gently eased over the hand remarkably easily. 

Jade can come in a vast range of other colours apart from the obvious green colouring. These can be anything from white, grey, yellow and red and surprisingly also with blue colouring. In the Far East, Jade has long been sought after, its hardness and strength. This meant that apart from decorative purposes it was also an ideal stone for tools and weapons. The earliest examples of intricately carved Jade jewellery are thousands of years old. Although the majority of Jade is found in Myanmar (Burma) and China, Jade is also found in other countries including New Zealand and Canada

Metaphysically, this is the stone of good luck and happiness. Jade has also been regarded as a symbol of purity and serenity, as well as being the ultimate dream stone. It is highly regarded for its powerful healing qualities, as well as it being a protective talisman.

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