Rainbow Moonstone Oval Pendant


Rainbow Moonstone Oval Pendant, ‘A Timeless Classic’

Size; 3.1cm including clasp/bail x 1.4cm wide

Weight; 2.96gm.    Ref No 2641



Rainbow Moonstone Oval Pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver

This gorgeous little Rainbow Moonstone Oval Pendant is set in Sterling Silver. The hand-crafted setting has a 925 hallmark on the clasp. The plain oval design is one of those ‘timeless classics’, with a superbly colourful stone as a centrepiece.

Rainbow Moonstone is a stone with silky white colours and iridescent flashes of blue. The name for this is Labradorescence, and caused by refracted light within the stone. This refracted light leads to dramatic iridescent shimmering flashes of colour. Rainbow moonstone is a form of Felspar, and in the same family as Labradorite, but the colour is pale and translucent. This stone also has the name ‘White Labradorite’. Rainbow Moonstone occurs in a variety of countries, including, India, Sri Lanka Madagascar and Australia. Moonstones have long been treasured, and have been used in jewellery for thousands of years.

Metaphysically, The feminine stone. Rainbow Moonstone, is a very soothing, and calming stone. It is a stone with the ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Although often thought of as a gentle stone, it can promote inner growth and strength. If you place moonstones underneath the pillow they can also reward you with lucid dreams. Dreams where you may be able to control the dreams storyline.

We supply this oval Rainbow Moonstone pendant in an attractive gift box. The pendant shown in the photograph is the one we send you. We also have a selection of Sterling Silver Chains available, in a variety of thicknesses and lengths.

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