Fossilised Dinosaur Bone (sauropod vertebrae core)

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Fossilised Sauropod vertebrae core, from the Kem-Kem Beds in Morocco

Size; 10cm x 6cm

Weight 160gm      Ref No F146



Fossilised Sauropod vertebrae core, from the Kem-Kem Beds in Morocco

This is an interesting sauropod vertebrae core, a fascinating fossil. Unfortunately I wouldn’t like to say for certain  which species it is from, there are a couple of possibilities. The location though is the Kem-Kem Beds in Southeastern Morocco, and from the Cretaceous period, 90 – 95 million years old.

The Kem-Kem Beds are in an area close to the Moroccan, Algerian border. Although this part of Morocco is now in the Sahara Desert,  90 million years ago it was very different. Then it was a fertile area of swamps, lakes and tidal channels, with a large inland sea covering this part of North Africa. This area produces a variety of fossils that date back to the Cretaceous Period. This is one of the worlds principle locations for dinosaur fossils. Various types of large bodied carnivores including at least four types of theropods plus large bodied pterosaurs fossils have been found here. Fossils from this region are in important collections and museums all over the world.

Please note; as this piece of fossilised dinosaur bone is millions of years old some restoration work is inevitable. This is quite normal and does not detract from this highly collectable specimen whatsoever.

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