Section Of Fossilised Dinosaur Bone

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Section of Dinosaur Bone, Cretacious Period, Unknown Species

Size; 6.5cm x 3.5cm, weight;            Ref No F206

Location, Kem-Kem Beds, Morocco



Section of Dinosaur Bone, Cretacious Period, Unknown Species

This well preserved section of Dinosaur bone is from the Moroccan Kem-Kem Beds. It’s difficult to be precise as there are several possibilities as to which species of Dinosaur that this section of fossilised bone has come from. We know that fossils here date back to the late Cretaceous period. Identifiable remains of at least four types theropod dinosaur have come from this area. The spinosaurus, deltadromeusor and also the sabre tooth carcharodontosaurus are strong possibilities. I’m afraid though we aren’t absolutely certain exactly which one it is.

The Kem-Kem Beds are in an area close to the Moroccan, Algerian border. This area produces a variety of fossils that date back to the Cretaceous Period. This is one of the worlds principle locations for dinosaur fossils. Various types of large bodied carnivores including at least four types of theropods plus large bodied pterosaurs fossils have been found here. Fossils from this region are in important collections and museums all over the world.

The dinosaur spinosaurus are thought to have been semi-aquatic. The margins of swamps and lagoons would have been their natural habitat. An environment like this would have provided a large source of food. Being carnivorous their diet would have consisted on everything from fish and also other dinosaurs. These massive Dinosaurs had a distinctive ‘sail’ on their back.

Please note; as this piece of fossilised dinosaur bone is millions of years old some restoration work is inevitable. This is quite normal and does not detract from this highly collectable specimen whatsoever.

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