Sumatran Amber


Large piece of Sumatran Amber (copal amber) 120gm

Location, Indonesia

Size, 7.5cm x 7.5cm, Weight, 120gm.       Ref No, F169



Large piece of Sumatran Amber (copal amber) 120gm and 7.5cm wide

This is an exceptionally large piece of Sumatran Amber from Indonesia that weighs 120gm and is 7.5cm at its widest point. This large piece of Amber is in its natural state and is incredibly tactile to hold. Amber comes from numerous worldwide locations, one of the more unusual locations being Sumatra. This Sumatran Amber is from   coal mines and generally is a reddish, golden brown colour. This specimen is approx. 23 million years old, being less than 30 million years old it is classified as Copal Amber. This large piece is perfect for anyone wanting a large specimen of Amber for a collection or for Crystal Healing.

Amber is the fossilised sap from trees growing millions of years ago. Because it isn’t a stone amber isn’t cold, it has a warmness about and is surprisingly light.  Amber can be various colours, yellow though various shades to golden brown, and also even red or blue. There is even green Amber, which although more uncommon has become very popular in recent years. Amber isn’t cold, it has a warmness about it, and because it is fossilised tree resin or sap it is surprisingly light.

Metaphysically, Amber is associated with the astronomical sign of Cancer. Amber can bring positive energy and cleanse and purify negative energy. Amber is a powerful protector, it can clear depression and then help achieve creative self-expression.

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