Tektites 2.5cm (average size) from Indochina

Size; average size 2.5cm   Average weight; 10.50 gm

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Tektites 2.5cm (average size)

These natural tektites 2.5cm (average size) with an uneven, matt black and also glassy appearance. They are quite a uniform walnut size shape and weigh an average of 10gm.

Tektites have been ‘mystery’ object for a long time, and also divided opinion. In the 1960’s for example it was thought that they were formed by volcanic eruptions on the moon. Other theories included, being caused by lightening, or forest fires. They were first described thousands of years ago in 900BC in ancient China. For a long time they were thought to be made from obsidian, which has a similar appearance.

Tektites can be found in a variety of colours, with black, brown green and also yellow. The chemical makeup of Tektites is notable for the extremely high silica content. The ages of tektites can be anything from 100,000years old to 35 million years old. These strewnfields are located in locations all over the world, with the exception of Antarctica. The name Tektite derives from the Greek word ‘tektos’ meaning ‘melted’, or molten. Both Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass are now highly sought after.

The current theory is that tektites are created by meteorite impacts. The incredible temperatures then melted both stone and soil and threw them high up into the atmosphere.

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