10cm Yellow Fluorite Point


10cm Yellow Fluorite Point, (also known as Golden Fluorite)

Location; China

Size; 10cm tall x 2.1cm x1.8cm,  Weight;  98gm    Ref No 4021



10cm Yellow Fluorite Point, (also known as Golden Fluorite)

This 10cm Yellow Fluorite Point has a golden yellow colour, with rainbow shaped bands of pale mauve. Yellow fluorite is a translucent crystal with flowing ripples of blue & mauve. Fluorite is also know as fluorspar, and belongs to the halide family of minerals. It is the mineral form of calcium fluoride. The actual word fluorite comes from the Latin word  ‘fluere’, meaning to flow. It is an unusual mineral because it can be found in a such a vast range of colours. Depending on the impurities present it can be almost any colour, from clear to blackened white. Other colours include blue, green, red yellow and brown. Fluorite is found in a number of countries, with the largest producers including South Africa, China and Mexico.

Metaphysically, a crystal with the power to energise and motivate. Yellow Fluorite is a crystal that can keep negative energy away from the home. It is a useful crystal for grounding emotions, and helping to maintain a stable and balanced relationship. A stone that can help absorb new information and enhance creativity. It is also  a crystal that can enable one to attain goals, and bring prosperity.

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