Blue Apatite Freeform


Blue Apatite Freeform from Madagascar, 9.5cm high
Size; 9.5cm tall x 6cm wide
Weight; 415gm.      Ref No. 2011



Blue Apatite Freeform from Madagascar, 9.5cm high
This marvellous Blue Apatite Freeform is a delightful curving and twisting shape, making it very tactile. The colours are especially vibrant, with lovely vivid shades of blue. This is a very attractive example is from from Madagascar. A country that produces a superb variety of minerals and fossils. This is an excellent specimen that would suit mineral collectors or those using it for its healing properties.

Apatite belongs to a group of phosphate minerals. The actual name ‘Apatite’ derives from the Greek word ‘apatein‘ meaning to deceive. This being due to confusing similarities with other minerals, Betyl and also Peridot. It occurs in various rock formations including igneous, metamorphic and also sedimentary. On the Mohs hardness scale Apatite is number 5. Being a phosphate mineral the vast majority of Apatite in its basic form is for the fertiliser industry. Some clear blue and green gemstones also occur, coming from Brazil, Myanmar and also Madagascar. Minute amounts of Apatite was also identified in moon rocks collected by the Apollo program.

Metaphysically, Blue Apatite is the stone of creativity and motivation. It is also good at reducing irritability negativity and apathy.

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