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Dolphin Carving in Mookaite Jasper from Western Australia
Size; 17cms x 7cm high, Weight; 390gm
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Dolphin Carving in Mookaite Jasper from Western Australia
This Dolphin carving in Mookaite Jasper is another of our unique carvings. This carving is in a beautiful Jasper, Mookaite with its superb natural, contrasting colours. This piece of Mookaite is especially colourful with reds, browns and also ochery orange. Mookaite comes from Australia where, the principle ochery colours are reminiscent of the dry rocky outback. Two dolphins leaping out the waves in a playful manner. Down here in deepest Dorset we sometimes take early morning walks on our local Jurassic Coast, sometimes if we’re lucky we also see dolphins. They really do leap out of the water, just like the ones in the carving, frolicking in the surf.

Mookaite is a very unusual form of Jasper that comes from Australia. It is an opaque stone formed from silicate rich sediments and dates from the Cretaceous period. It contains the remains of microscopic aquatic organisms known as windalia radiolarian. Sometimes there are also remains of other larger fossils, even ammonites and belemnites. The name comes from the Mooka Creek on the Mooka Station where this unusual mineral comes from. This is an isolated region to the west of the Kennedy Range National Park near Gascoyne Junction. Technically it is a form of silicified porcellanite. The mine is located inland from Carnarvon, above Perth in Western Australia. This is the only mine in the world that produces this superb stone. Australia is a huge country and the source of numerous unusual minerals but this one is especially prized.

Metaphysically Mookaite is a very calming stone. It is a very supportive and also protective stone, a useful to have nearby during stressful times. This is a stone that helps you increase your self confidence and realise your full potential.

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