Large Shattuckite Freeform


Large Shattuckite Freeform, from Kimpese, DRC. Africa
Size; 10.5 cms x 8 cms and 4cms deep.
Weight: 423 gm,       Ref No 2010




Large Shattuckite Freeform

This Large Shattuckite freeform is incredibly tactile. It has a superb curved shape and a silky smooth polished surface. This specimen has wonderful vibrant colours of turquoise, green and dark blue. This is a copper silicate mineral, with a very high copper content giving it these superb colours.

Shattuckite is an unusual and comparatively rare mineral. One that was first discovered in 1915 in the USA by a W.T Schaller. This was at the Shattuck Copper Mine in Arizona, hence the name Shattuckite. It is often found together with Malachite and Chrysocolla, with the green and blue colours making a superb combination. This lovely, semi-precious stone comes from Kimpese, in the Katanga region of the DRC, Central Africa. Other countries that produce this mineral include Namibia, South Africa and Argentina. Specimens of this unusual mineral, are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

Metaphysically, Shattuckite is a stone of communication that also brings confidence and conviction. It is a powerful and spiritual stone, that also has strong protective powers. Additionally this is also a stone that can help attract good luck and prosperity. This stone is a perfect companion fo anyone who finds themselves in stressful situations.

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