Large spinosaurus tooth 9cm


Fossilised Dinosaur tooth  spinosaurus 9cm

Late Cretaceous, approx 100 million years old, Location; Kem Kem Basin, Morocco

Size; 9cms cm   Weight 106gm    Ref. No F136



Large spinosaurus tooth 9cm
This is a very large spinosaurus tooth, from a very large dinosaur. This tooth measures 9cm long and weighs 106gm. This was the biggest of the Theropod dinosaurs that ever lived. This tooth measures 9cm long and weighs 106gm. This fossil dates back to the Cretaceous age, therefore 100 million years old. It comes from the Kem Kem beds, near the Algerian border in Eastern Morocco. This is an area that is world famous for the quantity and variety of fossils.

The dinosaur spinosaurus is the largest known carnivorous dinosaur. They are thought to have been semi-aquatic creatures, hunting in the margins of swamps and lagoons. An environment like this would have provided a large source of food. Being carnivorous their diet would have consisted of everything from fish to other dinosaurs. These massive Dinosaurs had a distinctive ‘sail’ on their back. This gives them their name, spinosaurus meaning ‘spined reptile’. They weighed in the region of 15-22 tons. This made them even bigger  than the Tyrannosaurus.

This large tooth has had to have a minor amount of restoration work. It is still an excellent example, bearing in mind the incredible age. Most delicate specimens like these, have had to undergo a limited amount of restoration. This doesn’t detract from the fossilised dinosaur tooth in any way. This is a fine example, and will look impressive in anyones fossil collection. It comes complete with full description in a solid plastic display box.

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