Carnelian Dolphin Carving


Carnelian Dolphin Gemstone Carving

Size; 12.5cms wide, 8cms high 6.5cms deep
Weight; 880gm                 Ref No. 3503

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Out of stock



Carnelian Dolphin Carving, a superb work of art made from a carnelian boulder
This gorgeous Carnelian Dolphin Carving is a beautiful ‘one off’ piece. It is a work of art and cleverly carved out of a large carnelian ‘boulder’. On the outside the large piece of stone is in its brown, smoothed, but natural state. This beautiful carving with the appearance of a water worn boulder is incredibly tactile. A really unusual carving that would make a unique and perfect gift.

Carnelian is a translucent orange semi-precious stone. It is a silica mineral, and form of chalcedony. The gorgeous autumnal orange colouring is due to  the presence  of iron oxide. As with other forms of chalcedony it has been made into beads and carved  into jewellery for thousands of years. The Romans discovered that hot wax didn’t adhere to it, this made it invaluable for imprinting seal rings.

Metaphysically, a stone that can attract prosperity and bring good luck. It is a stabilising stone, excellent for restoring vitality and motivation. Carnelian is also a stone that can stimulate creativity, and sharpen concentration. It is a stone that can calm anger, dispel mental lethargy, and replace them with love and fulfilment. It is a stone to invigorate the mind and also the body.

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