Amber Humming Bird Carving


Amber Humming Bird Carving measuring 14.5cm tall, from Indonesia

Size; 14.5cm x 7cm x 4cm deep (without stand)

Weight; 109gm (excluding wooden stand).   Ref No 3523



Amber Humming Bird Carving measuring 14.5cm tall

This is a truly exceptional carved Amber Humming Bird feeding on nectar from a flower. It is carved from one huge piece of golden Amber. The carving measures 14.5cm high x 7cm across, and weighs 109gm excluding the display stand. This fine piece of craftsmanship has been intricately carved, and is without a doubt unique. It is definitely the finest Amber carving we have ever had for sale in the past 40 years. This unique work of art would take pride of place in any collection of fine carving or sculpture.

Amber is the fossilised sap from trees growing millions of years ago. Because it isn’t a stone amber isn’t cold, it has a warmness about and is surprisingly light.  Amber can be found in various colours, yellow though various shades to golden brown. There is even green Amber, which although more uncommon has become very popular in recent years. In some places even red and blue amber can be found. Amber isn’t cold, it has a warmness about it, and because it is fossilised tree resin or sap it is surprisingly light.

Metaphysically, Amber is associated with the astronomical sign of Cancer. Amber is said to bring positive energy and cleanse and purify negative energy. Amber is regarded as a powerful protector, it can clear depression and then help achieve creative self-expression.

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