Malachite with Chrysocolla


Large Display Piece, Malachite with Chrysocolla

Location; Democratic Republic of Congo
Size; 15cms x 10.5cms x 6cms deep max.
Weight; 1.14 kilos
Ref No. 2001



Large Display Piece, Malachite with Chrysocolla
This is a superb specimen with the two minerals, Malachite and Chrysocolla combined. These are two copper silicate minerals. When they combine together like this, the result is quite stunning. The layers of the two minerals in this specimen are polished. This shows the superb patterns and colours of both minerals. This is a remarkable specimen, and exceptionally large and heavy. The rich green colours of Malachite contrasting with the vivid turquoise colours of the Chrysocolla. Its become increasingly difficult to obtain specimens of this size quality. This large specimen would make an impressive addition to any mineral collection.

The best quality Malachite comes from ‘The Democratic Republic of the Congo’. Throughout history Malachite has been highly prized as a gemstone. The Malachite room at the Hermitage Museum, and also the Malachite Room in ‘Castillo de Chapultepec’ Mexico City, have spectacular examples.

Metaphysically, Malachite-Chrysocolla brings calm and tranquillity. While the energy from Malachite is strong and powerful, Chrysocolla is calm and serene. Malachite is the stone of transformation. It has the ability to repeat this over, and over again. This is a protective stone especially for travellers. A stone with powerful healing qualities. It is a stone useful for helping to restore strength after surgery or illness. Chrysocolla can also assist communication and help cement relationships. This is also a stone that that can inspire creativity.

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