15cm Red Jasper Freeform


Location; Madagascar
Size; 15cms x 10cms, 2cms thick
Weight: 850gms
Ref No. 2008



15cm Red Jasper Freeform, The Traditional Birthstone for March 

This stunning 15cm Red Jasper Freeform has gorgeous colourful banding, and is incredibly tactile. It is a gorgeous example of this beautiful mineral from Madagascar. This is a country that is famous for the incredible variety of superb minerals and fossils found there.

Jasper is an opaque stone with a variety of different colours including, red, yellow, brown and green. The gorgeous colour of Red Jasper is because of the presence of iron when formed. Red Jasper is classified as being a microcrystalline variety of quartz. The name Jasper derives from the old French word ‘jaspre’ meaning ‘spotted stone’. Jasper has been highly regarded and sought after for thousands of years, and by numerous civilisations. Both for jewellery and because its ability to be highly polished, for carvings and statues. This would be an ideal addition to any mineral collection, or someone looking for Red Jasper for its holistic qualities

Metaphysically, a highly supportive stone, brings tranquility during stressful times. It is a stone to increase emotional stamina, and self confidence, while stimulating the imagination. It is a stone that can help to bring a sense of calm and relaxation. This is an excellent stone to place near your bed, to help you remember your dreams.

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