Ametrine Crystal Point (Bolivianite)


Ametrine Quartz Crystal Point (Bolivianite) from Anahi Mine, Bolivia

Size; 5.6cm x 2.9cm x 2.2cm

Weight; 72gm.   Ref No; 4031



Ametrine Quartz Crystal Point (Bolivianite) 5.6cm from the Anahi Mine in Bolivia

This is a stunning example of an Ametrine Quartz Crystal Point, and it measures 5.6cm high. This superb crystal is predominately Amethyst but has the distinctive orange ‘flash’ of citrine, making it Ametrine. This crystal would be a perfect addition to any mineral/crystal collection or ideal for crystal healing.

Ametrine or Bolivianite is an unusual, and rare form of quartz. This is a combination of Amethyst which is mauve, and Citrine which is yellow. Ametrine comes from one location, which is the Anahi mine, in the Rincon del Tigre area of Bolivia. This remote mine is the worlds only natural source of this rare crystal. When it was formed, fluctuating temperatures caused different states of oxidisation in the tiny iron particles within the crystal.

Metaphysically, relieves stress and tension and also clears the mind. This is a powerful stone that combines the harmonious benefits of both Amethyst and Citrine. Healers use powerful energy released by this crystal to assist in reforming bad habits and addictions. It is also a stone that can help overcome prejudice, stimulate creativity and also relieve depression.

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