Stunning Malachite Slice


Large Malachite Slice 

Size, 13cm x 10cm x 8mm Weight; 259gm

Location; The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Ref No. 2054



Stunning Malachite Slice

This stunning malachite slice contains stunning botryoidal patterns in rich shades of green. The dramatic array of swirls and orbs make this an exceptional display piece. This highly polished and colourful specimen would be an excellent example for any mineral collection.

Malachite is one of the more unusual semi precious stones. These days good quality Malachite is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. It is a stone with gorgeous bands of rich green shades of colour.  With its rich opaque intensity of colour, it is quite unlike any other stone. It is a stone that has a high copper content, hence the strong green colours. Top quality stone, like this comes from a very few locations, throughout the world. The best quality stone comes from ‘The Democratic Republic of the Congo’. This is a stone that has been treasured and sought after for thousands of years. A stone highly prized by the Greeks and also the ancient Egyptians. The Malachite room at the Hermitage Museum, and also the Malachite Room in ‘Castillo de Chapultepec’ Mexico City, have spectacular examples.

Metaphysically, this is the stone of intuition and insight. Malachite is the stone of transformation. It also has the ability to repeat this over, and over again. This is a highly protective stone, especially for travellers. It is also a stone with powerful healing qualities. It is a stone useful for helping to restore strength after surgery or illness.

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