Ruby in Zoisite Carving


Superb Ruby in Zoisite Dolphin Carving, 12cm wide
Size; 12cms wide x 7cm high x 6cm deep
Weight; 610gm      Ref No 3508



Superb Ruby in Zoisite Dolphin Carving, 12cm wide
This is a beautiful Ruby in Zoisite dolphin carving in a stunning and unusual semi precious stone. The three Dolphins are leaping out of the water and the sculptor has captured the movement perfectly. This is a unique carving and makes a wonderful ‘object de art’ additionally it is also very tactile.

Ruby in Zoisite, which is also known as Anyolite, is a beautiful and unusual semi-precious stone. This mineral is a combination of stones with two very striking and contrasting colours. The olive green part of the stone is Zoisite, while the beautifully rich magenta red is the Ruby. Additionally there are often patches of the mineral Tschermakite which give the mineral black streaks. This mineral was first identified in the 1950’s in the Mundarara Mine in Tanzania. It gets the name ‘Anyolite’ from the Maasai word anyoli meaning green. Although originally discovered in Africa Ruby Zoisite is also found in India as well.

Metaphysically, Ruby in Zoisite is regarded as a lucky stone, as well as being a powerful healing stone. This is a stone that can help you stay positive and bring peace and happiness. Additionally it can help to increase self confidence and also help you achieve your goals in life. It is a powerful and spiritual gemstone that can boost positivity, and bring peace, happiness, and hope for the future.

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