Flint & Deer Antler Knife


Flint & Deer Antler Knife (replica)

Size; 12.6cm long x 3cm wide,  weight;

Ref No G108




Flint & Deer Antler Knife

This beautifully made Flint & Deer Antler Knife or Dagger is a replica. It is ideal for ceremonial purposes or collectors fascinated by our past. This stunning artefact has been made using the same ancient skills that were in use tens of thousands of years ago. It’s construction and design are also very practical and traditional. Cutting tools like this were in use for millions of years, before the use of iron and also other metals. The stone has been fixed into a slot in the deer antler handle and securely bound into place. This stunning artefact would make a superb addition to anyone who is fascinated by early humans or additionally the Stone Age.

Flint was an ideal stone for the manufacture of tools in the Stone Age because it can be easily split and worked. The working of stone by using a hammerstone requires a lot of practice and skill. By carefully chipping away flakes of stone it is possible to produce an incredibly sharp and pointed blade. Knapping is the name of the technique of chipping and also working the flint to make a sharp edge. This dates back to the early hunter gatherers millions of years ago.  Stone tools that date back to early humans are now highly sought after. These early tools ranging from spears and arrow heads and also axes and knives can be seen in museums all over the world.

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