Fossil Collection


Fossil Collection, Dinosaur, Marine Reptile Mackerel Shark Trilobite & Fossilised Wood

Weight, 470gm.  Ref No F209



Fossil Collection, Dinosaur, Marine Reptile Mackerel Shark Trilobite & Fossilised Wood

This Fossil Collection consists of five fascinating fossils and would make the perfect gift for anyone with an interest in fossils or palaeontology, whatever their age. The collection consists of a dinosaur tooth Spinosaurus, mosasaur tooth, fossilised sharks tooth otodus, a slice of fossilised wood and a trilobite. This group of fossils would make an ideal starter collection. By buying the collection there is a significant saving compared to buying the individual fossils.

The dinosaur spinosaurus is the largest known carnivorous dinosaur. They were semi-aquatic creatures, hunting in the margins of swamps and lagoons. An environment like this would have provided a large source of food. Being carnivorous their diet would have consisted on everything from fish to other dinosaurs. The Mackerel shark otodus obliquus existed approximately fifty to sixty million years ago during the Eocene period. The term ‘Mackerel Shark’ refers to the shape of these sharks, not their diet. They were fast and streamlined and ‘fish’ shaped and lived in open seas.

The Mosasaur was a large marine reptile that lived in the late Cretaceous period. Mosasaurs were a very sleek shape, with a broad and powerful tail. Mosasaurs thrived in shallow inland seas, approximately 80 to 66 million years ago. The Araucaria is commonly known as the Monkey Puzzle Tree. This was one of the very earliest species of tree, and they grew to 60 metres tall. These trees were growing at the same time the sauropod dinosaur. Trilobites are some of the very oldest fossils, this particular specimen is approximately 400 million years old and comes from Morocco.

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