Faceted Garnet Earrings


Faceted Garnet Earrings set in 925 Sterling Silver

Size; 2cm excluding silver wires x 1.2cm wide

Weight: 3.42gm.  Ref No 2659



Faceted Garnet Earrings set in 925 Sterling Silver

These sterling silver Faceted Garnet Earrings, have lovely intense red stones. This is a stunning and eye catching hand-crafted design. The four hand-cut stones are a superb deep red colour. These are Indian Garnets, a country that is well known for producing stones with the most intense colours.

Garnets are semi-precious stones, but they are not a single type of mineral. Instead they are from a group of several closely related silicate minerals. The actual name ‘Garnet’ derives from ‘gernet‘. This was the word used in medieval times to describe the dark red colour. Garnets, which are the January birthstone can found in a range of different colours. They can be anything from red and pink to green, yellow and black. The Pyrope and Spessartite are the most well known varieties. Their history goes back thousands of years. Garnets  have been mined and highly prized, by ancient Egyptians and Romans and Celtic nations.

Metaphysically, Garnets are regarded as the fiery, stone of passion. As well as passion, they are a stone that can inspire love and devotion. Garnets are also powerfully energising and regenerating stones. Garnets also have  protective qualities, especially for those travelling.

This pair of Faceted Garnet Earrings is supplied in an attractive gift box, the ones photographed are the ones supplied to you.

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