Rose Quartz & Garnet Pendant


Rose Quartz & Garnet Pendant set in Sterling Silver, Garnets are the January Birthstone

Size. 3.8cm including clasp/bail x 2cm wide

Weight. 13.42gm.                  Ref No 2520



Rose Quartz & Garnet Pendant set in Sterling Silver, Garnets are the January Birthstone

This lovely Rose Quartz & Garnet Pendant is set in 925 Sterling Silver. The silver-work is handmade and marked 925.

Rose Quartz is one of numerous different forms of Quartz. Others include, amethyst, citrine, jasper and also chalcedony. The pink colour of Rose Quartz is due to the presence of the minerals titanium, iron or manganese.

Garnets are semi-precious stones, but they are not a single type of mineral. Instead they are from a group of several closely related silicate minerals. These are Indian Garnets, this is a country that produces stones with the most intense colours. Garnets, which are the January birthstone can found in a range of different colours apart from red.

Metaphysically, these are two semi-precious stones that are associated with love & devotion. Rose Quartz is the most important stone for the heart chakra. Rose Quartz is the ‘love stone’ or ‘the stone of universal love’. It is a stone that can relieve stress and anger, replacing them with love and hope. It is a stone with feminine energy, a stone of tenderness, and also compassion and healing.

Garnets, are the fiery, stone of passion. As well as passion, they are a stone that can inspire love and devotion. Garnets are powerfully energising and regenerating stones. Garnets also have powerful protective qualities, especially for those are travelling.

We supply this pendant in an attractive gift box, the pendant shown in the photograph is the one we supply to you. We also have a selection of Sterling Silver Chains available, these are available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths.

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