Large Rose Quartz Buddha


Large Rose Quartz Buddha Carving

Size; 9.5cm x 9cm x 5cm deep

Weight; 730gm    Ref No 3514



Large Rose Quartz Buddha Carving, measuring 9cm tall

This large Rose Quartz Buddha is gorgeously tactile. It measures 9cm high and weighs 730gm. It is beautifully carved from a particularly bright pink piece of Rose Quartz. This superb carving highly polished and has wonderful detail.

Rose Quartz is just one of numerous different forms of Quartz. Others include, amethyst, citrine, jasper and chalcedony. The pink colouring in Rose Quartz is due to the presence of the minerals titanium, iron or manganese. In the 1880’s they discovered that quartz has what are known as, ‘piezoelectric properties’. Quartz crystals still play an important role in our everyday life. They are used in everything from wrist watches, to the electronics industry. Rose Quartz is produced in a number of countries. These include, India, Brazil, South Africa and Madagascar.

Metaphysically, this is a stone associated with love & devotion. Rose Quartz is the most important stone for the heart chakra. Rose Quartz is the ‘love stone’ or ‘the stone of universal love’. This is a stone that can relieve stress and anger, and then replace them with love and hope. Also known for its feminine energy this is a stone of tenderness, compassion and healing.

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