Green Opal


Green Opal Freeform 7cm x 6cm

Location; Madagascar
Size 7cm x 6cm, Weight; 255gm
Ref No.2005



Green Opal Freeform 7cm x 6cm
This stunning Green Opal Freeform is from Madagascar and is one of the more unusual and sort after minerals. Madagascar is a country that produces a vast array of wonderful minerals and fossils.  Green Opal is a translucent stone and a delightful shade of green, this is a very tactile, freestanding example.

Green Opal is a is a silicate mineral and a type of common opal. This is quite different from precious opals, which have flashes of iridescent colour that occur in Central Australia or Ethiopia. Common opal occurs in a wide range of beautiful colours ranging from pink, blue and also purple. These opals are nearly always  translucent or opaque. Green Opal like other forms of opal is formed by silica gradually seeping into in fractures and cavities in volcanic and sedimentary rocks. The actual name ‘opal’ derives from the ancient Sanskrit word ‘upala’ meaning jewel, which subsequently became ‘opalus’ in latin.

Metaphysically, a stone that can bring peace, love & harmony to the home. This is a stone for rejuvenation, one that can heal and harmonise emotions. It is also a stone that can improve self confidence and also stimulate creativity.

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