Fossilised Wood from Portland, Dorset

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Very large section of Fossilised Wood (Gymnosperm) from Portland, Dorset,

Weight In the region of 45 kilos

Ref No F217 (Collection from West Dorset only)



Very large section of Fossilised Wood (Gymnosperm tree) from Portland, Dorset, Protocupressinoxylon purbeckensis

This large section of fossilised wood is a superb example of the Gymnosperm tree Protocupressinoxylon purbeckensis. These trees were growing in what is now Dorset, approximately 140 million years ago. At that time sea levels were falling. That left the landscape of this part of Southern Dorset very different from how it is today. 140 million years ago this part of Southern England had a warm Mediterranean climate. The landscape here was one of lagoons and tropical rain forests. The Gymnosperm Tree was similar to the Cypress trees that grow today. There are also similarities to the araucaria araucana or Monkey Puzzle Trees. This large and also heavy section of fossilised wood is from Portland just a few miles from the fossil forest near Lulworth Cove. Quarrying methods in Portland mean that few intact sections of fossilised wood of this size are ever as intact as this one. Because of the weight of this specimen approx 45 kilos it is for collection only, (from our workshop in West Dorset).
The Fossil Forest near Lulworth Cove. To the East of Lulworth Cove, is the superb ‘fossilised forest’. Rising water levels gradually flooded, what was then a tropical forest. This led to primative algae forming stromatolite rings around the remaining stumps, it is these are what can be seen today. None the less, they are  well worth visiting, and are an impressive sight. Note; The Fossil Forest is  on the Lulworth Army Ranges. Because of this check before visiting to see when they are open.

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