Large Ocean Jasper Freeform


Ocean Jasper Freeform (Orbicular Jasper) from Madagascar

Size; 16cm x 10.5cm x 4cm

Weight; 1 Kilo 290gm.      Ref No 2048



Large Ocean Jasper Freeform (Orbicular Jasper) from Madagascar

This large Ocean Jasper Freeform is an exceptional example of this very unusual stone from Madagascar. This beautiful specimen has a variety of superb colours, ranging from clear quartz crystals together with stunning bands and swirling orbicular, botryoidal patterns of green, grey, and brown. Orbicular Jasper along with Atlantis stone are other names for this gorgeous and unique stone.

Ocean Jasper is an extremely rare and unusual semi precious stone. It is a member of the quartz family and contains the mineral silica. Although it has the name Ocean Jasper it is actually a spherulitic form of Chalcedony. This stone occurs in an isolated part of the North East coast of Madagascar. It comes from the sea, in an area where boat is the only way of transporting it from the two small bays where it is found. It is only on the very low tides that this beautiful mineral is recoverable, hence the name, Ocean Jasper. This is a beautiful specimen of a mineral that was unknown until the 1990’s. Unfortunately it is now becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible to obtain.

Metaphysically, Ocean Jasper is a powerful healing crystal but also a gentle stone. This is a very soothing stone, and is also one that can clear emotional blockages. This is a powerful stone one that is particularly conducive to meditation.

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