Hematite & Garnet Pendant


Hematite & Garnet Pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver

Size 3.6cm including bail/clasp x 2.1cm wide

Weight 9.85 gm.  Ref No. 2651



Hematite & Garnet Pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver, Garnet is the January Birthstone

This Hematite and Garnet Pendant is set in Sterling Silver, with a 925 hallmark on the clasp. These two stones complement each other, the silvery hematite, and also the stunning deep red, faceted garnet. Sometimes overlooked, the colour is extremely versatile, going with almost anything.

Hematite is a dark grey silver coloured stone, with a gorgeous metallic appearance. Hematite is rich in iron and in its natural state it occurs in a variety of colours. These colours range from black, to shades of red, brown and the silvery grey colour found in our jewellery. The name Hematite derives from the Greek word haima.  Principle producers include, Russia, Australia, Canada and also the USA. Hematite might be a vitally important mineral for making iron, but it also makes beautiful jewellery too.

Garnets, which are the January birthstone can found in a range of different colours. These are Indian Garnets, a country that produces stones with the most intense colours.

Metaphysically, Hematite, a powerful grounding and protective stone. A stone that boosts self esteem and can also help regain self confidence and willpower. A stone that can remove negative energy, and restoring peace and harmony. It is also a stone that can stimulate concentration and focus. Garnets are the fiery, stone of passion. A stone that can inspire love and devotion. Garnets also have strong protective qualities, especially for those travelling.

We supply this Hematite & Garnet pendant in an attractive gift box. The pendant in the photograph is the one we supply to you. Don’t forget, we also have a selection of Sterling Silver chains on our Gemstone Jewellery homepage. These chains are available in various lengths, and weights, there’s one to suit every pendant. We currently have a special offer for our medium 16″ sterling silver snake chains. These are now only £9.50 a substantial reduction from our usual price of £14.50 while current stocks last!

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