Jade Egg


Nephrite Jade Egg 4cm long from China

Size; 4cm x 3cm  Weight: 76gm

Ref No 4504



Nephrite Jade Egg 4cm long

Nephrite Jade Egg, polished, with typical green colours associated with Nephrite Jade. This gorgeous egg  measures 4cm and is 3cm wide, and would be ideal for collectors or healers alike. This is a stone that healers have long cherished, regarding it as the ultimate dream stone.

Jade is normally thought of as a green stone but it can also found in other colours as well. These can be anything from white or yellow to red and also blue. In China Jade has long been sought after, its hardness and strength. This meant that apart from jewellery it was also an ideal stone for tools and weapons. The earliest examples of intricately carved Jade jewellery are thousands of years old. Although we think of China as being the source of Jade it is also found in other countries including New Zealand and Canada

Metaphysically, this is the stone of good luck and happiness. Jade has also been regarded as a symbol of purity and serenity, as well as being the ultimate dream stone. It is highly regarded for its powerful healing qualities, as well as it being a protective talisman.

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