Labradorite Wand


Labradorite Wand

Size. 6.7cm x 1.5cm Weight 33gm

Ref No 4205



Labradorite Wand 6.7cm long 

This small 6.7cm Labradorite Wand is nicely polished and very tactile. It is beautifully smooth and a nice size that fits into the hand. Although not colourful with ‘labrodorescence’, this doesn’t effect the metaphysical quality of this powerful stone.

The Name Labradorite comes from Labrador in Canada, where this stone was first identified. Along with  Rainbow Moonstone, it is also a variety of Felspar. Labradorite is a stunning mineral with dramatic flashes of colour. They call this Labradorescence, and caused by refracted light within the stone. This refracted light leads to dramatic iridescent shimmering flashes of colour. These colours can be anything from peacock blue, and bright green to grey and brown. Apart from Canada, Labradorite is also comes from Finland, Madagascar and Australia.

MetaphysicallyLabradorite is a stone with excellent healing properties. It is a stone to enhance psychic abilities and magical powers. This is an incredibly spiritual and protective stone, and also one to dispel negativity. A stone to calm the overactive mind, while at the same time stimulating the imagination to new ideas. Additionally this is a stone that can bring up forgotten or suppressed memories.

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