Long Tiger’s Eye Pendant


Tiger Eye’s Pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver associated with star sign Capricorn

Size; 6.7cm including clasp x 1.6cm wide

Weight; 8.15gm      Ref No 2624



Long Tiger Eye Pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver associated with star sign Capricorn

This superb sterling silver Long Tiger’s Eye Pendant has seven gorgeous round cabochons, and a 925 hallmark on the clasp. We have several pendants for sale in this design, in different stones. Over the years it has proved to be one of our most popular designs.

Tiger’s Eye is an opaque, semi-precious stone, with a silky lustre, of golden brown colours. It gets its colouring mainly from iron oxide. Tiger’s Eye is a metamorphic rock, and it is also a member of the quartz family. It is a ‘chatoyant’ gemstone, this refers to the ability for a stone to change colour as bands of light cross it in different directions. It occurs in a number of locations worldwide, including Australia, South Africa, India and also in Canada. Historically it was commonly worn as an amulet to keep the wearer safe from evil forces. Additionally it was a stone revered by the pharaohs in ancient Egypt.

Metaphysically, Tiger’s Eye is a highly protective stone. Tiger’s Eye can increase motivation, build self confidence, and can also help to strengthen relationships. It is a stone that brings good luck as well as enhancing creativity.

We supply this long Tiger’s Eye pendant in an attractive gift box, the pendant shown in the photograph is the one we send you.  We also have a selection of Sterling Silver Chains available, these are available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths.

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