Paua Shell Pendant


Paua Shell Pendant set in hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver

Size, 5cm including clasp/bail x 3.1cm wide

Weight,  5.22gm.             Ref No 2670



Paua Shell Pendant set in hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver

This sterling silver Paua Shell Pendant, with a 925 hallmark has a lovely contemporary look. Its elegant shape and peacock blue and green iridescent colours, make this a really eye catching design.

These Paua Shells, are from the large edible Abalone shellfish, ‘Haliotis’. In New Zealand these large shellfish are a delicacy. The name Paua Shell derives from the New Zealand Maori name ‘Paua’. The collection of these large shellfish is primarily for the seafood industry. They harvest them in a sustainable way, with the numbers  strictly monitored. The shells are a useful bi-product because of their beautiful ornate colours. Paua Shells found in New Zealand come from a particularly colourful variety Haliotis australis. The European variety of these shellfish is the Ormer or Abalone shellfish. They live in warmer waters but can also occur as far north as the Channel Islands. Freshwater Pearls are ‘cultured pearls’ produced by Freshwater Mussels, ‘farmed’ in a sustainable way.

We supply this Paua Shell pendant in an attractive gift box, the pendant in the photograph is the one we supply to you. We also have a selection of Sterling Silver Chains available, these are available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths.

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