Quartz Crystal Pendant with Chlorite Phantom


Quartz Crystal Pendant with Chlorite Inclusions

Size, 3.4cm long including clasp

Weight, 5.32gm    Ref No. 2534

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Quartz Crystal Pendant with Chlorite Phantom and Inclusions

This superb Quartz Crystal Pendant contains a gorgeous Chlorite Phantom. The setting is 925 Sterling Silver. This crystal, from the Himalayas, is bright and clear, which makes the Chlorite Phantom all the more stunning. In addition to the actual Phantom there is another Chlorite inclusion near the tip. The Chloride gives the appearance and green colouring of moss growing inside.

Phantoms within crystals form when there is a pause during the formation of one crystal. This allows for another altogether different crystal to form within it.

Metaphysically, it is often referred to as a as a ‘Master Crystal’. The two minerals, Quartz and Chloride work together, and amplifying the energy of one another. Chlorite Phantom Quartz Crystals are often useful in Physic surgery. It is a powerful purifier that can help to eliminate negative energies. Chloride Phantom Quartz is additionally a highly protective crystal, a perfect talisman.

Metaphysically, Quartz(Rock Crystal) is regarded as one of the most powerful healing crystals. You can use clear Quartz Crystals to stimulate the immune system and increase energy. It is a crystal that can encourage emotional clarity, bringing enlightenment, peace and calm. When meditating Quartz crystals can assist concentration and help unlock hidden memories.

We supply this Chlorite Phantom Pendant in an attractive gift box, the one shown in the photographed is the one we send you. See also our separate list of Sterling Silver Chains, available in various lengths, and weights.

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