Rose Quartz & Freshwater Pearl Earrings


Rose Quartz & Freshwater Pearl Earrings set in 925 Sterling Silver

Size; 2cm excluding wires x 1.1cm wide

Weight; 3.18gm.        Ref No 2635



Rose Quartz & Freshwater Pearl Earrings set in 925 Sterling Silver

This is a gorgeous pair of Rose Quartz and Freshwater Pearl Earrings. They are set in hallmarked, 925 Sterling Silver. The two subtle colours of, Rose Quartz and Freshwater Pearl are incredibly feminine. They possess a calming energy and elegance. Rose Quartz is just one of numerous different forms of Quartz. Others include, amethyst, citrine, jasper and chalcedony. The pink colour of Rose Quartz is due to the presence of the minerals titanium, iron or manganese. It was discovered in the 1880’s that quartz has what are known as, ‘piezoelectric properties’. Quartz crystals still play an important role in our everyday life. Freshwater Pearls are ‘cultured pearls’ produced by freshwater mussels, ‘farmed’ in a sustainable way.

Metaphysically, Rose Quartz is associated with love & devotion. This is the most important stone for the heart chakra. Rose Quartz is referred to as the ‘love stone’ or ‘the stone of universal love’. A stone that can restore trust and harmony, and encourage unconditional love. It is said to relieve stress and anger, replacing them with love and hope. This is also known for its feminine energy a stone of tenderness, compassion and healing. Freshwater Pearls meanwhile have long been associated with innocence and faith. Additionally they are thought to nurture love. Together with Rose Quartz this makes a powerful combination.

These earrings are supplied in an attractive gift box, the ones photographed are the one supplied to you.

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