Round Orthoceras Fossil Box


Round Orthoceras Fossil box, devonian  

Size 12.5cm diameter x 6.5cm deep, weight; 765gm

Ref No. 3013



Round Orthoceras Fossil box, measuring 12.5cm x 7.5cm  

This gorgeous round Orthoceras fossil box is made from an ancient piece of stone that contains numerous fossils. These are mostly nautiloids in different shapes and sizes, with their pale colours contrasting against the black stone. These fossils date back to the Devonian period, 390 million years ago. It is thought that a substantial volcanic eruption led to these creatures dying in huge numbers. The dark coloured ash then built up in layer upon layer assisting their preservation as fossils. The box measures 11cm diameter and 6.5cm deep and this would be the ideal place for storing those precious ‘little treasures’.

The Orthoceras Nautiloid is an extinct form of cephalopod, a marine creature, related to todays squid. The actual name orthoceras actually means ‘straight horn’ because of their straight conical shell. As with the ammonites these molluscs were able to grow additional new chambers as they grew larger. These had a septa or dividing wall between the new chamber and the old one. On the fossils the septa is visible as the lines running at right angles though the fossil. These creatures ranged in size from a few millimetres to over 4 metres in length.

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