Smoky Amethyst Quartz Double Terminated Point


Smoky Amethyst Quartz Double Terminated Crystal Point

Location Brazil,    Size; 6.6cm x 2.5cm x 2.4cm

Weight; 66gm.  Ref No 4037



Smoky Amethyst Quartz Double Terminated Crystal Point

Smoky Amethyst Quartz is a very rare gemstone, one that combines Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Smoky Quartz.  This Double Terminated Crystal has been cut in such a way as to enhance the superb ‘wisps’ of Purple and grey.

Amethyst is a purple form of the mineral quartz, and the February birthstone. In medieval times it was common for soldiers to wear Amethyst amulets. This was because they believed that Amethyst offered protection on the battlefield. The actual name Amethyst, derives from the Greek word amethystos meaning not drunken.

Smoky Quartz is a clear quartz stone, its colour can be anything from a subtle brown or grey, to almost black. A crystal with a long association with the Celts, and the Druids. They regard Smoky Quartz as sacred and often referred to as ‘Morion‘. In the past, the superstitious would place a Smoky Quartz crystal by the entrance to a house. This was to prevent drifting spirits from entering.

Metaphysically, and spiritually the combination amplifies the powers of the dominant stone.

Amethyst Amethyst, a stone with strong healing and also strong cleansing powers. This is an extremely powerful and protective stone. It is a stone that can stimulate, and soothe the mind and emotions. Amethyst is a calming crystal, one that’s able to reduce stress and balance mood swings. It can also also be used for improving the memory, inspire and motivate.

Smoky Quartz, this stone is a superb antidote to stress. Smoky Quartz also has a strong protective energy and help dispel guilt and fear. This is a powerful stone, one used for crystal healing, shamanic rituals and also important for meditation. A crystal that can manifest your dreams, and dispel nightmares.

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