Sunstone Teardrop Pendant


Sunstone Teardrop Pendant

Size; 3cm including clasp x 1.55cm wide

Weight; 4.24 gm.  Ref No 2615



Sunstone Teardrop Pendant set in 925 Sterling Silver

This beautiful Sunstone Pendant is set in 925 Sterling Silver. It is a lovely and elegant teardrop shape, a simple design which suits this unusual stone.

Sunstone is an unusual semi-precious stone with a lovely golden orange/brown colouring. It is a stone that can sparkle like the sun, hence its name. Sunstone is a member of the felspar family, and has a silky sheen when viewed from different directions. This is known as the ‘Schiller’ effect and is caused by inclusions of red copper within the stone. Viking seafarers were able to use the ‘Schiller’ effect in sunstone to assist navigation.Other members of the Felspar family include Labradorite and also Rainbow Moonstone. Sunstone come from various countries, these include Southern Norway and Sweden and also Australia and Siberia.

Metaphysically, A stone that brings happiness and joy. Sunstone is a stone that brings luck, good fortune and prosperity. Additionally this is a beneficial stone for those with phobias, afraid of the dark, open space etc.

We supply this Sunstone Pendant in an attractive gift box. The pendant in the photograph here is the one we supply to you. Also don’t forget to look at our separate list of Sterling Silver Chains, available in various lengths, and weights.

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