Carved Agate Flame


Carved Black and White Agate Flame, 13cm tall

Size; 13cm tall x 7.5cm x 6cm

Weight; 615gm   Ref No 4604



Carved Black and White Agate Flame, 13cm tall

This is a very tactile Black and White Agate Flame with striking patterns. The colours range from black, through to greys and a highly contrasting white, with a small crystalline section. The Agate has come from Madagascar, and measures 13cm high. Madagascar is a country that produces an incredible variety of exceptional minerals crystals and fossils.

Agates commonly occur in nodules within volcanic and metamorphic rocks. Gas bubbles trapped within the cooling rocks leave cavities which are then filled by water containing silica. As the layers of silica build up they create the typical bands of colour within.  When the silica isn’t able to completely penetrate the cavity, they result in  hollow crystal lined geodes. The principal components of the different varieties of agate are quartz and chalcedony. Different colours are due to the various oxides present, iron, chromium, and also manganese. The colourful varieties of agate frequently seen in jewellery include, Moss Agate, Blue Lace Agate and also Green Agate.

Metaphysically, a stone famous for its soothing and for its calming abilities. This is a stone for eliminating negative energies and transforming negativity into positivity. Additionally it can also help to increase concentration and perception.

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