Smoky Quartz Pyramid


Smoky Quartz Pyramid 4cm square

Size; 4cm square x 2.5cm high

Weight; 50gm.       Ref No 4014



Smoky Quartz Pyramid 4cm square

This Smoky Quartz Pyramid is a superb example of this attractive crystal. It measures 4cm square with the typical   grey/brown colour found in good quality Madagascan Smoky Quartz. Madagascar is a country with a vast array of high grade crystals and fossils.

Smoky Quartz is a clear quartz stone, its colour can be anything from a subtle brown or grey, to almost black. This is a crystal with a long association with the Celts, and also the Druids. They regard Smoky Quartz as sacred. This is the national stone of Scotland, where they find it high in the Cairngorm Mountains. In Scotland Smoky Quartz is often called ‘Morion‘. The morion is a stone you often see in kilt pins and is also seen in the handle of the ceremonial dirk. In the past, the superstitious would place a Smoky Quartz crystal by the entrance to a house. This was to prevent drifting spirits from entering. The ancient Egyptians and Romans also regarded this as an important stone.

Metaphysically, this stone is a superb antidote to stress. Smoky Quartz, has a strong protective energy. A stone that can help dispel guilt, fear and also anger. This is a stone that can calm masculine energy, and assist communication difficulties. This is a powerful stone and one used extensively for crystal healing, shamanic rituals and also meditation.

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