Carved Rock Crystal Flame


Carved Rock Crystal Flame 6cm tall 

Location; Madagascar

Size 6cm x 3cm x 3cm   Weight; 89gm  Ref No 4603



Carved Rock Crystal Flame 6cm tall 

An attractive Carved Rock Crystal Flame’ with excellent clarity and a very tactile shape. This is Madagascan Quartz or Rock Crystal that has been carved in the UK. Madagascar is a country famous for its superb variety of superb crystals and fossils.

Quartz is a hard mineral and there are many different varieties. The actual word quartz originates from the German word ‘quarz’. There are many colourful varieties of quartz, for example Rose Quartz, Amethyst or Citrine. However quartz in its purest state is colourless, and known as Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal. It has been used for jewellery and carvings for thousands of years. It was thought at one time that because the Quartz was so transparent and clear it must be derived from ice. Ice that had frozen so hard that it could never melt. It was discovered in the 1880’s that quartz has what are known as, ‘piezoelectric properties’. In the 21st century Quartz crystals still play an important role in our everyday life. We find quartz in everything from watches to electronics.

Metaphysically, Quartz is certainly one of the most powerful healing crystals. Clear Quartz Crystals can be used to stimulate the immune system and used to increase energy. This is a crystal that can encourage emotional clarity, bringing enlightenment, and also peace and calm. When meditating Quartz crystals can assist concentration and help unlock hidden memories.

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