Kuan Yin Carving


Kuan Yin Carving in Chalcopyrite 9cm high

Size; 9cm x 4.5cm x 2.5cm deep

Weight; 142 gm.    Ref No 3517



Kuan Yin Carving in Chalcopyrite 9cm high

This highly detailed Carving in Chalcopyrite is a superb work of art. The carving is very expressive and captures this pious subject perfectly. Although not seen very often as a stone for fine carvings its silvery grey matelic colours are gorgeous. This would be the perfect gift, either as an ‘object de art’ or for someone involved in meditation. This unique Quan Yin carving with its calming and peaceful presence would be a fine addition to any home.

Kuan Yin is known as the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, one who helps those in need. She is also a protector and a celestial mother to all. She is one of the major deities in Buddhism, and sometimes known as the female Buddha.

Chalcopyrite is classified as a sulphide mineral consisting of copper and iron. The actual name derives from the Greek words chalkos and pyrites meaning ‘copper’ and ‘striking fire’. It’s heavy and is one of the more unusual minerals to use for a carving. Its colour is predominantly black and grey and with the pyrite flecks catching the light to give it a rather mystical property. Chalcopyrite comes from a variety of countries, including Australia, Canada and also the USA.

Metaphysically, This is a stone that can activate and align the chakras. Chalcopyrite is a very useful stone for use in meditation. This is a mineral that can help increase creativity and stimulate new ideas.

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