Black Obsidian Sphere


Black Obsidian Sphere 5cm, a naturally forming rhyolitic volcanic glass

Size; 5cm Weight; 156gm

Ref No 4503



Black Obsidian Sphere 5cm. A naturally forming rhyolitic volcanic glass

This Black Obsidian Sphere is wonderfully tactile and beautifully smooth with a black mirror like surface. It measures 5cm across, and weighs 156gm, making it a perfect size to fit the hand.

Black Obsidian is a naturally forming rhyolitic volcanic glass, with virtually no crystals present. It is an igneous rock and it forms in rapidly cooling volcanic lava. The actual formation of obsidian is due to the rapid cooling of felsic lava. These contain lighter elements including sodium, silicon, potassium and also oxygen. Obsidian frequently occurs on the edge of rhyolitic lava flows, which volcanologists refer to as ‘obsidian flows’. Because it is brittle obsidian when broken can be very hard and also sharp. This led to its use for making primitive cutting tools by early man hundreds of thousands of years ago. Tektites were originally thought to have been a form of obsidian, but this almost certainly not the case.

Metaphysically, it is an important stone for healers. This is a stone that has powerful, protective powers and has the ability to shield against negativity. Additionally its power to absorb negative energy, and its ability to promote compassion and strength.

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