Botryoidal Hematite


Botryoidal Hematite (Kidney Ore), From Morocco

Size, 5cm x 5cm x 2.6cm

Weight 183gm.  Ref No 2042




Botryoidal Hematite (Kidney Ore), from Morocco

Botryoidal Hematite is an attractive form of iron oxide with a stunning black metallic lustre. This is a very dense and heavy mineral, that is harder and more brittle than pure iron. This is Moroccan Botryoidal Hematite, from a country with a wealth of minerals and fossils.

The word Botryoidal refers to minerals with the appearance of, or looking like a bunch of grapes. The Botryoidal nature of this mineral is due to a number of nuclei, maybe sand or grit are close together. As the fibrous crystals grow into spheres the bubbly layers overlap as they grow larger.

Hematite is rich in iron, and in its natural state a variety of colours. These colours range from black, to shades of red, brown and the silvery grey colour found in our jewellery.  The name Hematite derives from the Greek word haima. A red pigments is produced when hematite is ground down into a powder. Early humans, tens of thousands of years ago, crushed Hematite into a powder. They then used this red pigment for cave paintings.  It is a mineral that is mined in numerous countries, across the world. Principle producers in the 21st century include, Russia, Australia, Canada and the USA. Hematite is a vitally important mineral for making iron, but it makes beautiful jewellery too.

Metaphysically, Hematite, a powerful grounding and protective stone. A stone that boosts self esteem and helps regain self confidence and willpower. A stone that can remove negative energy, and restoring peace and harmony. It is also regarded as a stone that can stimulate concentration and focus.

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