Green Grossular Garnet


Green Grossular Garnet polished slice, 10.5cm wide

Location; Afghanistan,     Size; 10.5cm x 10cm x .4cm thick

Weight; 170gm.   Ref No 2023



Green Grossular Garnet polished slice, 10.5cm wide

This superb slice of Green Grossular Garnet measures 10.5 cm at its widest point. This superb opaque polished slice of this lovely green semi precious stone comes from Bamyan Province, Afghanistan. Because of its origins these superb specimens are increasingly difficult to obtain. This unusual specimen would make an interesting addition to any mineral collection. Alternatively this is a stone with particular appeal to those involved with crystal healing.

Green Grossular Garnets are classified as a calcium-aluminium silicate. It is one of the many different varieties of garnet, and also one of the more unusual ones. The actual word grossular originates from the word grossularia which is the botanical name for gooseberry. This is because of the green garnets found in Siberia can resemble gooseberries. The actual name ‘Garnet’ derives from  the word ‘gernet‘. This was the ‘Old English’ word used in medieval times, to describe the dark red colour of the traditional red variety.

Metaphysically, this is the stone of happiness, peace and tranquility. This is also a stone that can bring wealth, abundance and prosperity. A stone to assist emotional healing and can also help you move on in life.

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