Interesting Collection Of Minerals

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Interesting Collection Of Minerals, ideal gift for a young collector

Satin Spar, Hematite, Baryte, Peacock Ore, and Blue Aragonite.

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Interesting Collection Of Minerals

This interesting collection of minerals is a perfect gift for that ‘budding’ geologist. There are five different minerals in this collection Satin Spar, Hematite /Baryte, Peacock Ore, and Blue Aragonite. Each of these colourful and fascinating samples comes complete with a printed description.

Hematite is a natural material, one that contains iron. It occurs in various colours from reddish brown to the silver grey colours seen in jewellery. The name Hematite derives from the Greek word haima. Principle producers in the 21st century include, Russia, Australia and Canada.

Satin Spar is a form of gypsum made up of calcium sulphate with fibrous white crystals. These crystals have fibre optic qualities which allow the light to pass through them in a certain direction. This is also a chatoyant mineral, one that can change colour depending on the direction of deflected light.

Malachite is one of the more unusual semi precious stones. It is a stone that has a high copper content, hence the strong green colours. A stone highly prized by the Greeks and also the ancient Egyptians.

Blue Aragonite This is a beautiful turquoise blue variety of calcium carbonate with acicular crystals. This particular specimen originates from Morocco.

Peacock ore, is a very attractive copper iron sulphide mineral with stunning turquoise blue iridescent colours.

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