Iron Pyrites Heart


Iron Pyrites Heart, 6.2cm across

Location; Peru,   Size; 6.2cm x 6.2cm Weight; 268gm

Ref No 4805




Iron Pyrites Heart, 6.2cm across

This superb Iron Pyrites heart is made from a high grade piece of iron pyrites, from the Huaron Region of Peru. These deposits produce some of the best quality Pyrites. This heart measures 6.2cm across and weighs 268gm.

Iron Pyrites, also has the name ‘Fools Gold’ because it sometimes led inexperienced collectors to mistakenly think they had struck gold. It is the commonest sulphide mineral with a yellow or silver metallic lustre and occurs in sedimentary, igneous and also metamorphic rocks. Other sulphide minerals include galena, chalcopyrite and also pentlandite or nickel iron sulphide. The actual name ‘pyrite’ comes from the words ‘pyrites lithos‘ referring to its ability to make or strike fire. The crystals that pyrites form can range from perfect cubes to incredible radiating ‘Pyrite Sun’ formations and also fossils. Historically pyrites has been an important mineral for numerous applications, ranging from igniting early firearms to making sulphuric acid. Today it is an important mineral for everything from solar panels to marcasite jewellery.

Metaphysically, encourages emotional wellbeing. It is also a mineral that healers use to stimulate the intellect, ideas and memory. This is a highly protective mineral that can deflect harm and dangerous situations.

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