Lapis Lazuli Heart


Lapis Lazuli Heart, with superb colour from Afghanistan, 5.5cm across

Size; 5.5cm x 4.8cm x 1.7cm

Weight; 106 gm. Ref No 4817



Lapis Lazuli Heart 5.5cm

This is a superb Lapis Lazuli heart in high grade deep blue stone. It is the perfect size, and is very tactile. This beautiful stone has the typical banding with the minerals calcite and pyrites. Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful and iconic semi-precious stone from North Eastern Afghanistan. The mines in the remote Kokcha valley have been producing Lapis Lazuli for 6000 years. These mines have produced 95% of all the Lapis Lazuli that has ever been produced. From there the stone was transported on the ancient silk route to markets in Europe and North Africa.

Lapis Lazuli is a metamorphic rock containing lazurite. It also frequently contains specks of calcite and iron pyrites. These specks of sparkling pyrite were traditional said to represent the stars and planets. While the deep blue of Lapis Lazuli represented the celestial night sky. The name ‘Lapis’ derives from Latin word lapis meaning stone. While the word ‘Lazuli’ derives from the Persian word lazhward meaning blue.

Metaphysically, a highly protective stone that can rapidly reduce stress. This is a stone that is said to encourage creativity. Additionally it is regarded as a stone that can bond relationships in love and friendship. Healers have always treasured this stone that is said to lower blood pressure and boost the immune system. It is regarded as a stone to stimulate wisdom, and the desire for knowledge. It is also said that it is a stone that can help with expressing emotions and feelings.

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